Skin Care Experts At Your Service! Introducing…The Beauty Blog by Repêchage Professional Skin Care

Getting skin care tips from the experts has never been so easy! The New! Repêchage Beauty Blog is the ultimate source for beauty tips, tricks, techniques, video how-to’s and the latest in beauty trends from the ultimate skin care expert and Repechage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati and her team of skin care experts – right on


Today, skin care tips are never further than a Google search away and it seems that everyone and their sister have their own beauty blog. The Repechage Beauty Blog hopes to put the answers back in the licensed professional’s hands to make sure that the most accurate and up-date information for the beauty industry is being portrayed to professionals and the public.


“The Repechage Beauty Blog helps give our beauty experts a voice” said Shiri Sarfati, Repêchage  Executive Vice President of the launch, “Now we can speak directly to our clients, show them the benefits of our products, the proper way they should be used and which products and treatments are right for their concerns.”


To check out the new Beauty Blog, please visit today!

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